Summer Wine Tasting Event

We hosted a summer wine tasting event on Friday, July 1st to celebrate the launching of our summer wine collection. 

Family, friends, and loyal customers came out to enjoy samples of our refreshing wines and snacks. See below for pictures of this event.

Wine Tasting 1Wine Tasting 10Wine Tasting 11Wine Tasting 12Wine Tasting 13Wine Tasting 14Wine Tasting 15Wine Tasting 16Wine Tasting 17Wine Tasting 18Wine Tasting 19Wine Tasting 2Wine Tasting 20Wine Tasting 21Wine Tasting 22Wine Tasting 23Wine Tasting 24Wine Tasting 25Wine Tasting 26Wine Tasting 3Wine Tasting 4Wine Tasting 5Wine Tasting 6Wine Tasting 7Wine Tasting 8Wine Tasting 9